Pre-Conference Workshops: Tuesday May 23, 2023

Workshop A 9:00 – 12:00

Incorporating a Robust Infrastructure Paradigm for a Reliable Capital Project Design


Trouble with handling replacements that lead to a whole system shutdown? Learn how to implement redundancy to equip you with a flexible building design.

Inefficient assessment of infrastructure design has often cascaded into a delayed project turnover. Participate in this workshop to explore methods of incorporating flexibility within the project design.

This workshop will involve:

  • Factoring in robustness within the design process
  • Carrying out a cost-benefit analysis for added redundancy in order to future-proof projects
  • Advanced planning with design flexibility in mind to improve project reliability

Workshop B 1:00 – 4:00

Developing Methods of Risk Management & Analysis to Bulletproof Capital Projects

  • Jeffrey MacKay VP, Facilities & Real Estate, Foundation Medicine
  • David Wood Director - Capital Project Management, BioMarin Pharmaceutical
  • Alex Oliveira Senior Engineering Manager, ILC Dover


When it comes to risk in project management, there is more that project managers and engineers can do than to plan ahead. It is of high importance that managers remain up to date with project changes in order to mitigate risks later down the line. Which types of risks are controllable? Which are solely uncontrollable?

Risk identification, analysis, and mitigation are necessary stages to implement within the project lifecycle.

This workshop will discuss the drivers of different types of risk, and how to subsequently combat these by:

  • Exploring the importance of building location
  • Understanding and differentiating risk between different types of build:
    • New-build vs retrofitting vs expansion
  • Managing risk from a lifecycle management approach