8:00 am Morning Coffee

8:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Incorporating Flexibility, Safety & Sustainability within the Capital Project Design for a Coherent Project Outcome

9:00 am Developing an Exceptional Schematic Design to Set up for Success Throughout the Project Lifecycle


  • Utilizing modern project monitoring methods to accurately track the evolution of your projects
  • Incorporating automated techniques to gain complete project control
  • Keeping consistent track of updates to reduce lead-time and prevent project delays

9:30 am Overcoming the Looming Problems When Retrofitting


  • Doing your research: deciding where to build for the most desired project result
  • Handling the movement of equipment: how to ease the process
  • Balancing between leveraging internally built-in stocks vs having stocks in-hand to enable a robust project design

10:00 am Panel Discussion: Analyzing Aspects of Product Design During the Planning Phase of the Project Lifecycle

  • Jesper Nauclér Head of Capital Projects, Global Engineering, AstraZeneca
  • Alex Oliveira Senior Engineering Manager, ILC Dover
  • Demet Aybar Director of Facilities, Lab Operations and EH&S, Strand Therapeutics


  • Discussing ways to optimally track projects from design to turnover to consistently remain updated
  • Asking what an agile project design looks like to introduce flexibility
  • Implementing project sustainability within the project design to meet or exceed regulations

10:45 am Networking Coffee Break

11:30 am Building on Brownfield Sites: The Safety Issue

  • Robert Clark Director - Corporate Project, Newlight Technologies Inc.


  • Conducting thorough investigation and preparation prior to construction to avoid restrictions
  • Utilizing due diligence when conducting a thorough site selection investigation to adhere to regulations and requirements
  • Discussing the most optimal methods of removing contaminants to successfully adhere to safety regulations

12:00 pm Eliminating Obstacles in Preparation for an Exceptional Expansion Plan

  • Matthew VanGessel Senior Manager, Capital Projects & Expansion, Grand River Aseptic


  • Making use of dedicated resources to deploy efficient decision-making
  • Deploying scheduling strategies for a seamless expansion project
  • Establishing solid vendor relationships to prevent or manage issues effectively

12:30 pm Balancing Between Equipment Sustainability & Productivity to Maximize your Project Design

  • Demet Aybar Director of Facilities, Lab Operations and EH&S, Strand Therapeutics


  • Planning for a sustainable future: a guide towards how you can implement sustainable equipment within your projects to meet environmental regulations
  • Managing budget changes internally to account for sustainable project design
  • Communicating effectively with stakeholders to ensure a holistic, environmentally friendly approach to your projects

1:00 pm Networking Lunch

2:00 pm Roundtable: Being Equipped with the Skills Necessary for an Ideal Expansion Project

  • Matthew Treon Co-Founder, Vice President, Corporate Engineering & Capital Projects, Lykan Bioscience


This roundtable session will involve three questions for discussion provided to each table. The objective is to come up with a corresponding suggestion and share with the audience.

1 How to plan ahead regarding leasing constraints in order to get the most desired layout?

2 How to ensure expansion plans keep up-to-speed with company growth?

3 How to incorporate automation within the expansion design to facilitate robustness?

Efficient Project Delivery for a Successful Planning-to-Turnover Phase

2:45 pm Implementing Agility During Project Delivery to Incorporate Flexibility

  • Jesper Nauclér Head of Capital Projects, Global Engineering, AstraZeneca


  • Adapting to current and changing requirements of design, cost, and lead-time to meet end-project expectations
  • Working efficiently with contractors and suppliers to implement agility
  • Increasing agility without increasing risk for an ideal project delivery

3:15 pm Utilizing Capital Management Throughout Project Evolution

  • Michael Sproul Senior Engineering Project/Portfolio Manager, Catalent Biologics


  • Compartmentalizing overall cost into individual assets ahead of time to keep up-to-speed with project evolution
  • Leveraging tracking tools to track cost effectively
  • Consistent and up-to-date record keeping to manage capital finances

3:45 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Summit